Monday, February 2, 2015

Austin Justice: Malaise of Immanence (QUIZ #1)

Throughout the progression of history, the ideas of secularism have spread around the world at an alarming rate. Mainstream society continues to explore countless options, in regards to immanence/transcendence and disenchantment/enchantment. Humanity has become increasingly haunted by the lack of knowledge of the world in which we live. A wide variety of options alters our system of beliefs and the meaning behind certain situations, which is known as the "nova effect" (Smith 62). The cross-pressures mankind consistently faces on a day-to-day basis contribute heavily to our confusion, in terms of finding ourselves (even with all of the other external/internal influences that deal with an individual's identity). Our buffered identity not only encloses and isolates us from outside factors, but it also exposes us to internal factors. While scientific achievements, coupled with technological advancements, have significantly improved our quality of lives, it has completely clouded our judgment in pursuing the meaning of life, our place in the world and our social responsibility to others. In both of the selected songs, the singers are deeply disturbed by their lack of focus (which is attributable to the countless cross-pressures). They are unable to seek solace in any aspect of their lives because they can't possibly begin to imagine the "truth." We've nearly been overcome by the movement towards secularism, but because immanence still exists with the legitimacy of transcendence, citizens have become bewildered at the notion of choosing between conflicting ideas.

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