Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Secularity 3 occurs in three phases. The first phase explains how an exclusive humanist view began. The second phases describes the nova effect, which is an explosion of a variety of moral and spiritual beliefs and disbelief. This has come from our discontent from the absence of God in the world. The third phase is similar to the second in that the fractured culture from the nova effect becomes generalized to the whole. Also, the idea of expressive individualism which is the idea that people can “do their own thing” when choosing what belief or unbelief they want to follow. I find it interesting how religion was a major part of someone’s life while now it is not for many. The replacement of the transcendent with the mechanistic world has created the buffered self. This freedom we have from choosing and the sense of power we feel is what draws us to this state. This also leads to a sense of invulnerability.  

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