Monday, April 27, 2015


I was reading the immanent frame blog and came across a post about the spread of western secularity of Europe to places such as the United States. It spoke about the nonviolent protests being brought from this part of the world. In light of the Baltimore Riots, i thought it was very relevant and pertinent information. It made me think what has changed since the time of Martin Luther King that we resort immediately to violence instead of coming together and peacefully marching for a cause that we all believe in.


  1. I agree. The same message can be delivered with nonviolent protest and civil disobedience without killing and hurting people and destroying a community. I think we've almost lost our voice of reason when it comes to issues of race (among other issues) and how we should react to them.

  2. I believe our country has encouraged violent behavior. Their is a small number of people who have like minds that ultimately control the things put out into our societies and one is violent or just negative behavior this is a very controversial topic but guns are encouraged in everyday people like us carry conceal, hunters, police etc their needs to be positive movement.